When someone in a household needs the accommodations of a bathroom for the disabled, a renovation of one of the home's existing bathrooms is considered or either a whole new room is built. However, there are times, depending on the type of disability to be accommodated, that it is possible to customize a residential bathroom without having to go to the added expense of a complete renovation. If a handicapped person is somewhat mobile or is on crutches, it's possible to customize without having to hire a contractor. In fact, you may be able to it completely yourself, especially if you have any construction experience at all. Here are several practical things that you can do customize your bath for a disabled person who has some mobility.

The first thing to do is to access the needs that must be accommodated. If the person can move somewhat freely, he or she may not need an adaptive device such as a lift for the tub or a chair for the shower. But if you do need a lift, there are simply devices that can be installed easily to your conventional tub area. They are motorized and provide a safe place for your loved to take a long, soothing bath without fear of danger.

For bathrooms that only have a shower area, you can simply add a chair that is designed for the shower area. There are many types that are both stationary and rolling. Some are portable and easily be carried with you when traveling. If you're handy, you can even install a seat to the wall that can be flipped up and down, when needed.

Other items that make a bathroom more convenient for the disabled include hand rails, grab bars and other equipment for stability purposes. You can place them around the wall in the shower area, around the vanity area and the toilet area. You can even place completely around the walls for total security and stability.

An important concern that is often overlooked is the existing flooring. If you are customizing your bathroom to make it safe, you will either need to replace the floor with safety flooring or you will need to coat it with a rubberized finish that will provide grip when walking on it. This keeps a person from falling or slipping. Another important safety product is a pull cord that should be installed so that a person can call for help in case of an emergency. This product is well worth the minor cost and provides safety and peace of mind for everyone.

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